what if your dream clients fell in love with you at first sight?

You're not dumb - you know that people are making half-second judgements about your business based on looks alone! (I mean, aren’t YOU doing it to other businesses?! We all do!)

You know you need a beautifully designed brand with colors & fonts that represent your business perfectly & make you look professional & stand out!

  • YOUR potential customers are choosing to give their money to your competitors simply because they LOOK more professional
  • ​The more professional you look, the more likely it is that people will TRUST that you know what you're doing & want to do business with you.
  • ​When you know you look good, you're more confident - and that leads to more sales

If you're not a designer, 
what the heck are your options?!

  • Spends thousands on a designer?
  • ​Try to patchwork something together from Pinterest and Instagram?
  • ​Take time, money & energy away from creating inside your business & learn all you can about color theory & fonts so you can do this yourself?
  • ​Throw your hands in the air, use bad branding & risk losing clients & MONEY because you don't look like you know what you're doing?



Beautiful done-for-you color palettes and font schemes ready to download RIGHT NOW and use in your business - including a step-by-step guide to finding & using your perfect brand match FAST!


With Brand-in-a-Box, “I wish I looked more professional” will no longer keep you from being able to shine in your business! 

You’ll have instant access to 42 color palettes, 12 font schemes, 36 accent fonts, and a 34-page guide to get you rockin’ and rollin’ with a look that totally represents your brand personality!

This sound familiar?

You’ve never really thought of good branding being for YOU. 

I get it! It’s easy to look at the people who are crushing it and think, “I could never afford that,”or “Of course they look so buttoned-up, they’re bigger than I am.”

And I HATE that those are even thoughts for so many side hustlers & small business owners! You ABSOLUTELY deserve to have your expertise & talents wrapped up in shiny packaging with a fluffy tulle bow that anyone would want to open just based on the wrapping! And you deserve to have it WITHOUT it breaking the bank or taking up all your time!

Or are you more like this...

You’ve been tweaking and futzing with your colors like you’re getting paid by the minute, second-guessing everything and feeling like you’re just chasing your tail. 

I GET IT. I was caught in that trap for years, you guys. I mean, this is CRAZY EASY to do with seemingly infinite options! HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO CHOOSE WITHOUT SOME GUIDANCE?!

You 100% deserve to hop the heck off that hamster wheel (awesome branding in-hand, obviously) so you can actually make REAL headway in your business!

Then there are my "not visual" people...

Ok, where are my “I’m not a visual person” people?! 

OF COURSE you haven’t gotten your colors & fonts and other brand elements together – it’s not the thing you obsess about (or even think about at all!). Why should you be expected to create a beautiful brand when your talents lie elsewhere?! 

But just because you’re over there rockin’ other things doesn’t mean you don’t also deserve a brand look that makes you stand out (in all the best ways) like Shaq among a class of kindergarteners! 

But, you guys, maybe THIS is your time. Maybe this is an excellent time to finally get that high-quality, professional, yes-I-do-in-fact-know-what-I’m-doing look (in that tulle bow) and get the heck on with growing your business.

Because, my friends, I AM visually-obsessed. I AM a professional brand strategist, photographer and graphic designer. 
And I have designed these brand looks for YOU – you who think you can’t afford it, you who think it’s only for the big guys (guess what? They started were where you are, too), you who can’t stop second-guessing everything, and you who would rather listen to Nickleback endlessly than dive into colors and fonts. 

What's in the Box?!

42 Beautifully-Designed Color Palettes

  • 6 categories of colors with 7 palettes in each. 
  • ​EASY TO APPLY in Canva, for your website, any business assets at all!
  • Categories: Neutral, Soft, Colorful, Minimal, Muted, Fresh
  • Designed for depth & variety in your brand, each palette has 7 colors - 2 light colors, a deep grounding color & 4 other colors.
  • ​Each color palette has descriptive words that tell you the kind of style and feel they represent to help you match to your brand.
  • Stop trial & error with your branding!
  • Customizable inside of Canva!

12 Beautifully-Paired
Font Suites

  • Each font suite contains a header font, subheading font, list font and body/paragraph font.
  • Each font suite is extremely versatile! Pair with an accent font for awesome customization!
  • Font suites each have descriptions that tell you the kind of style and feel they represent.
  • All fonts can be found in Canva, Squarespace and Wordpress (and most other major website & blog platforms)
  • ​Customizable inside of Canva!

36 Hand-Picked
Accent Fonts

  • All accent fonts available in Canva & many other major platforms.
  • Categories: Traditional Script, Handwritten, Handwritten Cursive, Bold Display, Stylized
  • Each accent font includes a description of the vibe/feeling it evokes to help you match to your brand.
  • Customizable inside of Canva!

34-Page Step-by-Step Guide

  • The easy & fast guide to choosing the colors & fonts that represent your brand personality!
  • ​TIPS to customize your look!
  • ​Helpful tips about working with your brand look!
  • ​See 4 example businesses use Brand-in-a-Box!
  • ​5 pages all about customizing your bonus social media templates!

Brand Kit Template

  • A template created in Canva for you to customize once you've chosen your colors & fonts! 
  • ​Easily save and print for quick reference anytime you're creating anything for your business!

Video Training
to Customize Your Look

  • How to customize your Brand Kit Template!
  • How to work with your colors & fonts in Canva!
  • Advanced training for tweaking or adding colors to your palette!

Designed for Your Success!

Each color palette has:

  • 7 colors for depth & diversity
  • Color distribution chart to show you how to use colors in your brand
  • 1 defined grounding color
  • ​2 defined light colors
  • ​4 other colors for lots of cohesive options
  • ​List of adjectives that represent the style that the palette has
  • ​List of emotion words to represent the mood/feeling that the palette has overall
  • ​PDF guide shows you how to come up with your own style & emotion words so that you can easily match your perfect palette!! 

plus these BONUSES!!

15 Social Media Templates
in Canva

  • I teach & work with private clients on how to create an Instagram feed that attracts your dream clients & encourages them to follow even when they're not ready to buy! These templates are designed to help you create that kind of feed!
  • ​15 square CANVA templates (3 templates in each of 5 categories0
  • ​Categories: About Me, Sales/Products/Promo, Education/Tips, Blog/Podcast/YouTube, Quotes
  • ​​Templates are designed to be used in any industry! Use your colors & fonts to customize! PDF shows you how!

Customizing Your Social Templates
Video Training

  • See how to take any color palette - colorful, bold, neutral or moody - and customize these or any other social media template that you have!
  • Learn how to create light & airy looks or more muted & moody looks on any template!

Finding Elements & Patterns for Your Brand
Video Training

  • Once you feel comfortable with your colors and fonts, you may want to further customize your brand with patterns and graphic elements!
  • This training shows you how to use Canva to play around finding and defining patterns and elements to have even more fun in your branding!

Video Training

  • New to Canva? THIS IS FOR YOU!
  • How to create an account in Canva.
  • Canva pricing options (including the FREE version!)
  • ​Canva homepage overview
  • ​Customizing your Brand Kit
  • ​Canva design page overview & in-depth
  • ​Choosing templates
  • ​Using your brand colors & fonts on templates
  • ​& more!

All This for Only $37?!

PLUS! Get access to my Facebook group
where you can get valuable feedback!

Check out Meghan's Business Transformation!

Which version of her business would YOU trust more?

Look, I GET it.  I've BEEN THERE.

I couldn't stop fiddling with my branding. And what I finally realized - after FINALLY feeling like I had something I could commit to (even though something still felt off) - is that my branding was BORING potential clients & not leaving them fired up about working with me at all!!

I know you’re struggling with branding - maybe you haven't even seriously thought about it at all. You need a consistent brand look, but you don’t know where to start or if you’re making the right choices. You’re flip-flopping daily as your mood changes. You know that people are judging your website, your Instagram (if you have one), your brochure, your price sheet, your freebies, etc. and they are deciding to reach out or work with you simply based on how these things LOOK. 

If these things don’t look professional, if they don’t represent your business - you’ve lost potential clients and that means you’ve lost money. Heck, YOU might even cringe when you look at your branding. (Or you’re reading this going, “What branding?! I haven’t even STARTED!”)

But I PROMISE you’re not stuck there! You can be in an AMAZING & CONFIDENT place with your branding in less than a day.

These colors & fonts become your go-to for ANYTHING you make that represents your business.
Want that gorgeous CONSISTENT look across platforms? THIS IS HOW.

Use your colors & fonts for your...

  • Website
  • ​Welcome packets
  • ​Pricing Guides
  •  Social Media
  • ​Webinar Slides
  • ​Freebies
  • ​Business Cards
  • ​Menus
  • Blog Posts
  •  All Those Templates You Bought
  • ​Pinterest
  • ​Ads
  • ​Brochures
  • ​Funnels
  • ​Podcast Imagery
  • ​& more!

What's up?!
I'm Liza Hippler, your personal professional branding expert.

I’m a brand photographer, brand strategist & DIY brand educator. Basically, I help people rock the visual sides of their brand. I’m visually-minded & branding-obsessed & have been my whole life. I’ve been a photographer for over two decades and have won some cool awards. In the late 2000s, I had my own graphic design company. I've helped dozens and dozens of people hone their visual brand from colors and fonts to photos and an overall vibe. 

And now I'm using these skills to help YOU.

I believe that everyone with the guts to take their gifts & talents and turn them into a business - whether it be a small local sewing business or an online course that reaches the world over - deserves to have beautiful branding that positions them in the best light possible.

Imagine This...

You’ve got your branding DOWN. You look so professional you could have just walked down the steps of a private jet and no one would bat an eye. You’re whispering sweet nothings into your dream client’s ears with this new look you’ve got. Every new thing you create – a social post, a pricing sheet, a webinar – is so easy because you’ve defined your look.

(Um, does that not feel like a huge weight lifted off your shoulders?)

Because this is what I want for you...

  •  Be able to focus on nurturing your talents, creating, and serving your audience!
  • Relax into your work!
  • Stop ​shrinking back & start sharing your voice!
  • ​Feel confidently grounded in who you are in your business!
  • ​Give yourself permission to invest more time & energy in your business!
  • ​Actually feel EXCITED about your branding!
  • ​Feel the need to get up and dance! (Directly related? No. But you'll totally want to dance.)

Anyone who wants to a color palette & font scheme for ANYTHING.
Anyone starting a business.
Anyone ready for re-brand or creating sub-brands.
Anyone who can't stop tinkering with their branding.

This product will help you have cohesive branding around just about anything including:

  • Product-based businesses
  • Service-based businesses
  • Course creators
  • ​Bloggers
  • ​Realtors
  • ​Photographers
  • ​Events & Event Planners
  • Bakers
  • ​Restaurants
  • ​Beauty Supplies
  • ​Coaches & Consultants
  • ​Artists & Musicians
  • ​Non-profit organizations
  • ​& more!

Testimonials for me as a teacher & my other products...


  • 42 beautifully-designed color palettes (6 categories with 7 in each)!
  • Color distribution charts for each palette so you know how to use your colors!
  • 12 beautifully paired font suites for everything from formal to modern to casual!
  • ​36 pre-chosen accent fonts to help any business pop with some personality!
  • ​​Step-by-step guide to easily find the look that's right for you!

Imagine This...

You wake up tomorrow, knowing you're about to look badass in your business.

 Instead of starting your day wondering how your social media should look, fretting over a website rebrand or feeling the shame of looking like a sham, you feel... 


You get to dive into your work - the stuff that you really love - and bring your gifts to the world.

And you didn't have to spend thousands of dollars to do it. 

So, are you ready to plaster gorgeous consistency on everything that your brand touches? Wow! And how would potential clients feel every time they came into contact with a different piece of your brand? They’d see that consistency, see that professionalism, know each piece was undeniably YOUR BRAND and be that much closer to doing business with you. 


I operate my small business just like you. I know that every purchase is thought through and you don't ever want to feel like you wasted hard-earned money in your business - that is the worst feeling.

I absolutely stand by my product and all the heart, time and energy that went into creating something that I felt was visually attractive and diverse enough for all kinds of businesses. I'm ridiculously proud of it & believe that anyone who purchases it will be beyond thrilled.

That's why I'm offering a satisfaction guarantee. While I can't guarantee growth or monetary changes in your business, I can guarantee that you'll have more confidence in sharing your business because of your new on-brand look & you will save time & money trying to either do this yourself or hire a brand designer. 

If for any reason you just aren't finding what works for you, I will refund your purchase within 30 days.


  • Is this really just $37?!
    Yes! It really really is! I want to help support as many people as possible in their small business dreams!
  • Can I edit my colors & fonts?
    Absolutely! While they are designed for you to need to as LITTLE work as possible, if there's something you need to change to better suit your needs, no problem! I even include a training for tweaking & editing! All inside Canva!
  • ​What if I already have a few colors? Or a couple of colors in mind already?
    Not a problem! You have a few options! You can find some color palettes that work with your colors, or you can combine some colors from different palette (if you feel comfortable doing that), or you might find doing the 4-step process that those colors weren't right anyway & then find the perfect palette for you!
  • ​Can I use the fonts on my website?
    Most likely! All the main fonts I've chosen in the font suites/pairings are available in Canva, Squarespace and Wordpress as well as most major software sites. Some accent fonts are not available everywhere, but I go over how to create, save and download custom accent font images!
  • ​Can I use this info to help build fliers, posts, graphics, etc? 
    ABSOLUTELY! That's what Brand-in-a-Box is all about - getting a consistent look with all your brand assets! Getting your brand colors, fonts and accent fonts is the first step (which is all in Brand-in-a-Box). Then you can use the "Customize Your Social Media Templates" training to learn how to customize the templates that come with the products AND you can use that info to help you customize any other templates you might use in Canva or purchase elsewhere.
  • ​What if I don't find colors or fonts that I like?
    I've created a pretty diverse array of palettes, but if you find that something needs some tweaking, just check out the video training to help you customize your brand look perfectly! Also, I want everyone to be happy, so make sure you reach out to me and/or post questions in the Facebook group so we can troubleshoot! If you're still not happy, just let me know and I can help you troubleshoot or offer a refund within 30 days. 
  • ​How long do I have access to the course?
    You have LIFETIME access. Log in anytime!
  • ​What is Canva?
    It's a website that lets you create all kinds of graphic design things super easy - such as social media graphics, presentations, brochures, posters, business cards, Instagram stories, FB posts & more! Don't worry! I teach you how to use it from scratch inside my bonus training!
  • ​I've never used Canva!
    That's totally okay! I include an "Intro to Canva" video that walks you through setting up your account, choosing a plan (including the free version) and how to navigate your way around! You'll be a Canva pro in no time!
  • ​I'm just starting my business & it's super small. Do I need this?
    HIGH FIVE to you for starting out so awesomely! If you're sending anything to any customers (price sheets via text or anything else) looking professional even at the very beginning is definitely a plus! Having a standard look will make it so much easier for you to create anything new in your brand!
  • ​Is there a place for me to get feedback?
    Yes!! I have an awesome Facebook group all about creating your badass brand! You are invited to join & share what you’re working on! Although I can’t always get to everyone’s post individually (but I do my best!) there are so many amazing people in there who are also working on their brands ready to give feedback!
  • How do I access all this?
    Once you purchase Brand-in-a-Box, you'll get an email with login information to where I host my courses. In there you'll find your PDFs that contain your step-by-step guide, two versions of the color palettes (depending on how you want to peruse), the fonts, your training videos and the links to your Brand Kit and Social Media Templates.

Ok, how does this work?

1. Click any of the buttons to purchase!
2. Check your email for a link to the website that the course is hosted on. Anytime you want to access the course, you'll visit that site!
3. Get INSTANT & LIFETIME access to 90-Minutes to a Badass Brand!
4. Whenever there are updates, your course will be automatically updated!

Get that professional polish to your business 
TODAY & stop wasting time!

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